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Media Studies

Digital Media Production

The ability to transform literature to a digitally recorded piece is an ability that not many us can perform. With nearly everything around us being digitally enhanced, it is no surprise that Digital Media Production is in demand. This programme will teach you to take a brief from a corporate or business partner and transform this into a digitally enhanced video footage, which you can use as a corporate image or as a proposal to sell your business to the public either via television or multimedia.

Programme Outcomes

Radio Journalism

This course deals with the foundations of radio journalism – how to best write the news for your listener. This listener cannot go back to read it again if he or she missed something the first time and gets only one chance to hear what you have worked so hard to put into words. You’ll have heard of the ideal, to ‘inform, educate, and entertain’ as a radio aim, and doubtless your own ideal is to find out what’s happening, and fairly and accurately tell people about.

Programme Outcomes

Radio Broadcasting

In Radio Broadcasting you will learn about the world of a radio presenter. You will learn how to prepare yourself for going onto the radio, and how to act while on air. You will also learn about the work needed to ensure a successful radio show. Here you will learn how to help a DJ compile and present the most common radio segments like news, weather and sport.

Programme Outcomes

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