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University of Cape Town Supply Chain Management short course

The course in a nutshell:

Learn the skills and knowledge behind supply chain management, both from an inter-functional as well as a broad managerial perspective
Understand how to oversee the movement of materials, information and finances from supplier to consumer across multiple industries

12-week part-time course presented online throughout South Africa

Results in a Certificate in Supply Chain Management from the University of Cape Town

Course starts: 12 August 2013

Course modules:

Module 1 Introduction to general management thinking
Module 2 Key management functional areas and the role of logistics
Module 3 Procurement management
Module 4 Materials / inventory management
Module 5 Warehousing and storage management
Module 6 Forecasting and demand management
Module 7 Transportation management
Module 8 Financial management
Module 9 Container and packaging management
Module 10 Reverse logistics and investment recovery
Module 11 Managing the international supply chain
Module 12 Creating a competitive advantage

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Course Venue: 
Students work through one module at a time as a group with their Course Coordinator and Course Instructor, which allows for flexible study timetables.
Course Length: 
12 - weeks
Payment Options: 
Once off and a 3-month payment plan
certificate issued by University of Cape Town
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021 447 8344

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