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Management Courses; if you would like to view a list of management courses visit http://www.managementcourses.co.za now! Interested in Project Management? Visit http://www.project-management-course.co.za/ Go to our list of distance learning courses offered by distancelearning.co.za. Please go to the list of courses offered by College SA and Courses.co.za.


Occupational Health & Safety

• Functions of Health and Safety Representatives
• Overview and Regulations of OHS Act
• Overview: SHEQ Policy
• The Vital Importance of Safety Rules
• Sources of Hazards (Hazard Identification)
• Six Key Investigation Questions
• Different Types of Risk Assessments
• Planning for Risk Assessments
• Criteria for Risk Assessments
• Reporting and Investigation of Work Related Incidents
• Use of Personal Safety Equipment and Facilities at Work
• First Aid and Aid Boxes


Do a skin needling course with Diva Studio's, This ground breaking course provides in-depth instruction in Skin and Facial Needling, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation.


(SMP) alsp known as scalp micro pigmentation is a process when your scalp is tatooed with ink to give the illusion of stubbled hair. This is a method sometimes prefered by bald men who are seeking an anternative to hair Transplant surgey. When performed correctly this can be a great procedure to give the appearance of small stubbled hair on bald areas of the scalp where hair would normally not grow
R 850 PER HOUR for the procedure
R 10 000 TO DO THE COURSE, this includes manual, kit, and certification.


Diva Studio's permanent Make up course.
This includes your Manual, Kit and certificate on completion of hours. You will also be obligated to do the online Blood Borne Pathogen training before Diva Certificate is issued.
We teach you how to do:
Top and bottom eye
Eyelash enhancer
Lip liner
Full lip colour
Eye brows enhancer-Individual hair strokes
Eyebrow design
Your kit consists of:
We wipes
PMU Rotary machine and all power supplies
Foot peddle
Disposable machine caps
Set of pigments

Effective HR Records Management

Your HR record keeping and filing system is actually only as good as your ability to keep on top of it! If your current system is not comprehensive enough, too complicated to use efficiently, or is designed haphazardly, breakdowns can and will occur. And if these breakdowns lead to your inadvertent failure to comply with SA employment rules and regulations, your company could land in legal hot water and be subject to fines, penalties, or worse…legal action!

Carbon Literacy courses

The world is changing and companies worldwide are taking note of reducing their carbon footprint. Companies are training staff members and hiring staff to fulfill positions in the following fields: Carbon literacy, Carbon Analysts, Building and Office greening, Waste Management. Our training can be done inhouse at your premises. Join the green revolution today by ensuring your staff are Carbon Literate.

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