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TETA Transport SETA

The Minister of Labour
in accordance with the Skills Development Act, Act No 97 of 1998 formally established
the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) on 20th March 2000.

It was formed on the backbone
of five former Industry Training Boards namely, Aerospace, Maritime, Road Freight,
Road Passenger and Transnet Training Boards. These ITB’s were dissolved
at the same time as the establishment of the Sector Education and Training Authorities.

Demarcation of Transport

The Transport Sector
has been demarcated into eight sub-sectors / industries and encompasses the
Aerospace, Forwarding & Clearing, Freight Handling, Maritime, Rail, Road
Freight, Road Passenger and Taxi Sub Sectors / Industries.

At present there are 8000
+ companies registered with TETA.

Functions of TETA

The development of
a Sector Skills Plan (SSP) for the Transport Sector

The implementation of the Sector Skills Plan through Learnership Implementation;
Approval of Workplace Skills Plans; Allocation of Levy Grants; and the Monitoring
of ETD activities in the Transport Sector

Quality Assurance of ETD interventions

The disbursement of Levy Grants

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