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ETDP Education Training and Development Practices SETA

The vision of the ETDP
SETA is to be a promoter and facilitator in the development and improvement
of the skills profile of the sector's workforce in order to benefit employers,
workers and employees in the sector.

holds as its mission, the promotion, facilitation and development of an education,
training and development sector in which:

the skill levels of employees and workers are raised,

there is a healthy balance between supply and demand in the labour market,

there are diverse, flexible routes for initial and in-service education and

a variety of career paths are available,

the quality of education and training provision is improved,

the levy grant scheme is efficiently administered,

there is regular liaison with providers, other SETAs, the Department of Labour,
the Department of Education, the National Skills Authority (NSA) and the South
African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and its structures,

internal and external communication is effective in order to advance national
human resource and skills development,

dialogue and interaction between public and private entities in the sector with
regard to skills transfer and training delivery is encouraged, and

employers, workers and employees in the sector benefit from quality training,
higher productivity and harmonious mutual dependencies.

values include a commitment to:

transparency and fair conduct,

honesty and integrity,

courteousness and caring,

honouring deadlines,

promoting equity amongst all our stakeholders,

cooperative governance, and

striving for continuous improvement.

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