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3D AutoCAD

3D AutoCAD allows the user to build upon the skills developed in the 2D AutoCAD course. It is vital that the client understands the design and 3D AutoCAD enables a realistic 3D impression of an interior space for the purpose of communicating the design to a client.

The focus of this course is therefore on using the software to apply 3D techniques to create a realistic feel to the design image through the use of lighting and rendering.

The final learning outcome is to enhance the design with detail, creating 3D furniture and furnishings for an interior design project.

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Course Venue: 
BHC School of Design, Unit A 207, The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town
Course Length: 
6 sessions (6 weeks)
Payment Options: 
BHC Certificate of Competence
Company Name: 
BHC School of Design
Contact Person: 
Sue Lunnon
021 447 7288

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