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Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a person who helps people exercise. Having a personal trainer helps to keep the person motivated. A personal trainer will also work out the best exercise programme for the persons individual needs.

Coaching Science

Designed as an “add on” programme for the National Diploma in Exercise Science, this programme covers all aspects of general coaching.

Principles of Physical Activity; Principles of Growth & Development; Planning and Implementing Practice Sessions; Teaching Sports Skills; Designing and implementing Conditioning Programmes for Coaches; Organisation and Administration within Coaching; Logistics of Touring Teams; Communication & Teaching Skills; Stress Management; Sport Psychology in Coaching; Professionalism; Sport, Recreation & Fitness for People living with HIV

National Diploma in Exercise Science- Part 1 and Part 2

National Diploma Exercise Science, Personal trainer/Sports conditioning, Part 1 aims to give the student a clear understanding of the specific principles of Fitness training and provide a sound knowledge base from which to progress. This is a comprehensive program which ensures that graduates enter the workplace with sufficient knowledge and experience in the use of equipment, training, coaching and screening techniques and client care. Coaching Science is now included in the full-time syllabus.

Sports Conditioning with Speed, Agility and Quickness

In the modern training environment, the need for a holistic approach towards conditioning needs to be adopted. Athletes can no longer survive purely on natural ability, and the requirement is now to take each athlete to the absolute ceiling of their genetic potential. The role of speed and agility training in this holistic approach is vitally important in order to take gains in cardiovascular fitness and strength and translate them into functional, on-field performance.

International Fitness Academy

The International Fitness Academy offers a fully comprehensive fitness qualification. We offer the following internal qualifications; Personal Training, Group Fitness and Lifestyle Consulting. Candidates undertaking our fitness courses are also eligible to write the internationally recognized ITEC examinations, allowing them the option of working abroad.

Elite Fitness Program

Cape CrossFit is a school of performance based fitness located in Gardens, Cape Town. We teach basic to advanced level classes in functional exercise, athletic conditioning, plyometrics, kettlebell training, Olympic weightlifting, medicine ball and dumbbell training, powerlifting, gymnastics, rowing, running and jumping rope. Our students are extremely diverse in their experience, conditioning, and lives; and include business executives, stay-at-home moms, writers and top level athletes.

Personal training / Pilates mat trainer and Group training. National Certification Course

More About the International College of Kinesis

ICK is a leading fitness education provider offering a variety of
fitness education/training courses to help launch a number of fitness careers including group trainers, pilates/yoga
practitioners, Kinesiology, Club and Exercise Management and more! We offer excellence in body fitness education
and training courses that are practical and affordable.

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